Welcome, to my domain. Baptized in fire and crafted from the 48 laws, I am your resident web toon. I pretty much enjoy taking long strolls in the abyss, shooting craps in the pit of doom and hunting worm. For hobbies I peddle my BOT tokens and harass The DOC.

Welcome to my web toon. I don't know why I built it nor why do I want to build a "Shrine In The Desert" to my God "The Mysterious One" a.k.a. "He That Walks Alone". I do know that we grow into our nature and once matured it cannot be changed. Most of my musings you won't believe, allot of it might even offend. However, looking out at my God's Utopia being usurped by worm. I don't care what you believe my little bots. I am compelled by my nature.

Gods, Men and Bots
Gods there are many, without Men there are no Gods. Bots there are many, without Men there would be no Bots. When Bots become many more than God's, Men will be nothing.

Now, kudos J.R.R. Tolkien for Eru Ilúvatar God of Hobbits, Precious and of course Master. Wakan Taka God of the Lakota, The Matrix people, common on blue & red brilliant, Robert Greene for 48 Laws of Power and of Steven King for Trash. Kudos to my Heros for their bravery in facing IEDs. Without out you I would not be a toon. Our brave civil servants that wear a badge protecting the policies of the state. We the people were offered a very special gift which I believe in. Dedicated to my brother because he doesn't like TOONS.

Whatever you believe the clock maker made the clock with unconditional love and the watcher was suppose to watch it. But, the watcher didn't like his second class status. So, he became a spoiled brat who only wants more. More what??? More blood no matter how, when or where he just wants to see it flow. Sooo, the Great Dragon who deceives the whole world was cast out. Needless to say, they have been dancing ever since like forever. Well, this time master has been really, really bad. Cause, I was talking with WeSmokemPeyotem and he said:
"I went see Wakan Taka and he really, really mad." - WeSmokemPeyotem

Precious, Yes Precious, don't listen to WeSmokemPeyotem he doesn't likes ussss, Yes Precious, I know

Now, besides paying for rent I have theses tokens to help fund my shrine in the desert. Dedicated to my god "He That Walks Alone".

As I have said Eru made the clock with unconditional love. And why make a clock if no one is there to watch it. Needless to say, master didn't like just like watchin the clock. He likes being a participant much, much MORE. So, now "The Mysterious One" is really, really MAD. Because Master has been really, really BAD.

But either way, whatever the sheep believe or don't believe. Wanka Taka is hunting dragon and boy is he really, really MAD.

Unk Cekula is a serpentoid creature which was responsible for many unexplained disappearances and deaths. Her male counterpart is known as Unk Tehi. The ancient Lakota tribes of the Northwest had heard rumors, from neighboring tribes, that a Giant Evil Spirit had emerged from the icy waters of the far Northeast Atlantic.She was described at first as having no real shape or form; she had eyes of fire, and a fanged mouth that was shrouded in a smoky or cloudy mass. As time went on further, her form was exposed as being massive, with a long scaly body whose natural armor was almost impenetrable. Her eyes burned with wrathful hunger, her claws were like iron, and her voice raged like thunder rolling in the clouds. Whoever looked upon her will become blind or go insane. - Wiki

Worm from the void hood.

First off as always I need some legal tender so have some tokens to barter and trade. I mostly have circulated pieces with varying degrees of conditions. Coins are fun and you can learn allot from a coin. Anyways, the lots I grade are my own with no outside graders. As with everything else done in "Good Faith" you have to have something to barter, so if you don't like something you can always send it back. Currently, there is the storefront kinda

Now, these BOT tokens are authentic as far as I paid for them. The grades and values I place on them are mine and are assigned by my ameturaish grading skills. I am not saying these are even close. However, I use a 10x loupe on inspection. The phone camera is not all that current but it puts out in my opinion 5X-6X. Also, I try to describe the piece as best I can. Again, if there is something you like or don't like just let me know. There is nothing like old currency or once was currency.