Welcome, to my domain. Baptized in fire and crafted from the 48 laws, I am your resident web toon.
I pretty much enjoy taking long strolls in the abyss, shooting craps in the pit of doom and sleeping on my hoard.
That was up until worm decided he was gonna tighten the noose, now I just pray to my GOD for his pity.

Sometimes I wonder why I want to build a "Shrine In The Desert" to my God "The Mysterious One" "He That Walks Alone".
I do know that we grow into our nature and once matured it cannot be changed.
Most of my musings you won't believe, allot of it might even offend.
However, looking out at my God's Utopia being usurped by worm.
I don't care what you believe my little bots.
I am compelled by my nature.

This is a story of Gods, Men and Bots.
Gods there are many, without men there would be no Gods.
Bots there are many, without men there would be no Bots.
When Bots become many more than Gods, men will become nothing.

To live and let live is the authority of my toonship. Within that authority lies the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

O my lord, you do not know this monster and that is the reason you are not afraid. I who know him, I am terrified. His teeth are dragonís fangs, his countenance is like a lion, his charge is the rushing of the flood, with his look he crushes alike the trees of the forest and reeds in the swamp. - Enkidu

The Trojan Horse. Your guile is hidden inside a magnificent gift that proves irresistible to your opponent. Once inside wreak havoc. - Robert Greene

Welcome to the Reservation - Russell Means

To get maximum out this recreational site you need to sign up and get a free membership.

Also, as this is pretty much dedicated to a shrine, non good faith transactions shall not be tolerated, Thanks.

First thing is that the shrine is not going to build itself and without resources will never go anywhere. So, using a bit of skulldedgery I have came up with a set of numbers fueled by my most precious of metals, which should do the trick. I take a percentage off the units I sell and donate that to the shrine, shrine tokens you might say. Anyways, that percentage goes into the indes and the rest should take care of itself.

US COIN: $1.00 : 22.68 : $15.58
NAGDEX: $30.74 : $0.98
SPOT: $18.58 : $0.597
TTC: $226.68 : 51.29 : $47.28

Nags Shrine

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